Cheese Dome Power 

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The Amazingly Simple Way to Change Your Life and Your World

What Is Cheese Dome Power Anyway?

"There have been many books on spirituality and prayer but few also offer humor.  Kac Young’s Cheese Dome Power offers readers a new road to belief while at the same time accessing whimsy. Once the reader has completed the book they will want their own Cheese Dome. It's a joyous adventure! "   Tracy Abbott Cook, former writer The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night With David Letterman

I want everyone in the world to experience the power of the Cheese Dome!  You may have stumbled onto this site and thought, "This is crazy. They've totally lost their minds!" You're in good company. 

When I first heard about it, I  thought it was nuts, too. But I had my attitude rearranged when I witnessed the results.

There is a secret power in the Cheese Dome and I don't know what it is; I've just watched it go to work and make lives better.

The great news is that you can use it to to help  make your life better, richer, more fun, and get the jobs, money, relationships and things you want.

My friends encouraged me to write a book, so I did: Cheese Dome Power. The books began to sell and  I started getting requests for Cheese Domes. Now, I provide those too. For $25.00 you can get the book and your own Cheese Dome and start making miracles happen.

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"Cheese Dome Power is the manual of how to harness your fretting and angst into something positive and powerful to make those wanted changes in your life.  And it's much safer than lighting candles!!! Cheese Dome Power is a great way to help yourself and those you love." Kool Marder, Film Producer, Hollywood

I'm not sure if this is magic or mystery, but it must be *miraculous* because it works. 

The Cheese Dome is a wonderful symbol of the healing power of love. Knowing that a friend has placed you in his or her sphere of concern, loving wishes and prayer gives you hope and the confidence all will end well. Then it does!
Margaret Kent, Author, Best Selling Author New York Times, How To Marry The Man of Your Choice


After my friends saw how quickly my wishes were fulfilled, many of them got their own Cheese Domes and the concept has spread like wildfire.The Cheese Dome Power Club spans four continents.
Be a part of this amazing community of happy and satisfied people.


Use Cheese Dome Power to make the changes you want in your life.

  • More money. 
  • A new job.
  • A different career.
  • Romance.  
  • Better health. 
  • Advancement.
  • Peace of mind.
  • "Stuff".

The Cheese Dome is not a one trick pony, you can use it all year long to:

  • Congratulate: yourself or others..
  • Help: someone who is in need
  • Ask: for guidance or answers to your burning questions
  • Find: the Love of Your Life
  • Ask for guidance

Anything and everything you want to improve: "Let the Dome Do It."


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You can have the life you've always wanted and sail through challenging times with confidence. 

You are invited to join the Cheese Dome Power Club and let us know how Cheese Dome Power changed your life. 

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When you purchase The Cheese Dome Power Pack, as a special bonus, for a Limited Time Only,  I will send you

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