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I started using Cheese Dome Power twenty years ago. My best friend Peggy told me about it and as soon as I used it, my life began to improve.  I wanted a new job: I got one. I wanted a new car; within a month I had one. I am firmly convinced it was because of the Cheese Dome and some wild,magical, mystical power it contains.

My friends thought I was nuts, but that didn't stop them from asking me to help them with Cheese Dome Power. And, things they asked for started to materialize. One girlfriend wanted to get married and shortly thereafter her boyfriend proposed. Another friend wanted a new place to live and within a week she had a new home in the countryside. Her entire life changed for the better. 

Another friend wanted to sell her book. She not only sold that book but she has been commissioned for another three. This is a tried-and-true way of making your deepest desires come true. Think of it as a personal and private center of power for change that is working for you 24 hours a day. But you don't have to take my word. Read the results below:

                                    Cheese Dome Power Results:        

  • A friend wanted her hair to grow back radiant and lush after chemo therapy. I used the Cheese Dome and it grew back gorgeous.
  • A friend of mine needed a new place to live, we gave it to the Cheese Dome and overnight she got the call and a new home appeared.
  • Another friend, over 60, wanted a good job and was having trouble landing a job in her field. We got help from the Cheese Dome asking for the job she wanted or a better one. She got the better one.
  • Another friend asked for relief from chronic pain. Her request was granted within a month.
  • Another wanted help getting a job with enough money for her son's college tuition. She's now writing a network series.
  • Another one wanted a new car. We used Cheese Dome Power and within 2 weeks she met and fell in love with a car dealership owner.

Using Cheese Dome Power partners have been created, health restored, wealth achieved, answers given and solutions provided.

There is nothing that the Cheese Dome can't solve. All you have to do is use it and trust it. "Let The Dome Do It!"

Cheese Dome Power is a life-changer, a circumstance re-arranger. Anyone can use it. The book is filled with true stories from real people whole lives have been changed by Cheese Dome Power. It is an uncomplicated solution to life's challenges. Read the raves and then get on the Cheese Dome Bandwagon and watch your life change for the better.




What a sweet and novel idea - and one that really works! If you're looking for healing in some area of your life - and who isn't? - by all means, read this book. The magic - or whatever it is!- worked for the author of this lovely book - Kac Young - and it will work for you, too. Me? I loved this book and so will you. J. Randy Taraborrelli, New York Times' Best Selling Author

I was so inspired after reading this book I acquired a cheese dome of my own the same day!  Dr. young's experiences with the power of the cheese dome remind us that the Universe is an ally and not an enemy. Craig Dublin Macmillan, Educator

At a time in the world where there is little hope, it is such an inspiration to read something that gives us hope and positive thoughts and a place to go when we need help.   Carolyn Lombardo, Hollywood Television Caterer

In Cheese Dome Power we learn about its mysterious power to facilitate healing. We meet some extraordinary friends and some of their special domes. Finally, we are encouraged to become a power for gouda. Be careful – this little book could change your life.  Richard Morgan, CFO

This fun and intriguing book describes how a simple Cheese Dome can change your life for the better. Cheese Dome Power can change your life! In this delightful book, Kac, with her inimitable eloquence, wit and humor, describes how we can all tap into the magical power of the Cheese Dome to heal our lives and realize our dreams. And it works - I can testify to that! A few days after experiencing the benevolence of Kac's Cheese Dome I found one of my very own (or should I say it found me?). It's rapidly being filled with requests from friends who are now determined to acquire their own Cheese Domes. Read this book, get a Cheese Dome and have fun manifesting! Lisa Tenzin-Dolma,  Author, Artist, Singer

If you believe that thoughts are things and if you believe thoughts manifest themselves, the Cheese Dome will accelerate your results.  Dr. Jean Cross, Funding Specialist

This book is a wonderfully fun read.  Kac Young's energy, wit and positive spirit shine through every page.  I have to admit that I find the whole idea pretty wacky, but I certainly hope my name and my husband's are covered by that cheese dome!  Donna Wells, prominent Los Angeles Westside attorney and former General Counsel to the California Film Commission.

Prepare to welcome the newest member of your family: the Cheese Dome! This inspirational gem will renew your faith in the power of the universe and have you laughing out loud. Buy this book and cheese dome and get ready to watch your life improve! It's as easy as 1-2-3!   Leola Dublin Macmillan, Critical Essayist and PhD candidate

About the Author: Kac Young

Kac Young earned a PhD in Natural Health, a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Doctorate in Naturopathy.  She has written ten books focusing on self improvement and taking control of your life. She believes everyone has the power inside of them to achieve anything they can envision. Her life's work is dedicated to assisting people in discovering the creative power within and creating a life filled with whatever they desire including health, wealth, love, and being the very best  they can be.

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